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We provide a united voice for the livestock supply chain. We care about Australia’s livestock sector from farms through to communities around the world.

The Sheep Collective


The Sheep Collective was developed to provide some clarity about the live sheep trade on behalf of farmers, livestock agents, shearers, feed suppliers, livestock transporter, stockpeople, veterinarians, exporters, importers and everyone in between. We hope this helps provide you with some valuable information and why the health and welfare of our sheep is so important to us

The Cattle Collective


The Cattle Collective provides first hand information from real people working around Australia and around the world in the live cattle export industry, to provide a balanced view to the wider community. We share the stories from farmers, station workers, livestock agents, livestock transport operators, stockpeople, veterinarians, exporters, importers and everyone in between. We care about the Australian cattle sector from the farm through to the community

Latest News & Events

  • Working Dog Wednesday’s

    The Livestock Collective’s  following is rapidly growing so we thought it was time to do...
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  • Advocacy is key to future livestock leaders

    Each person has their own unique story to tell and The Livestock Collective is providing the right...
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  • Nurturing a passion for beef since day one.

    February 2020 Livestock Leader Lucy has led a very diverse career in agriculture thus far....
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  • Brittany takes advantage of Ag Opportunities.

    February 2020 Livestock Leader Brittany Bolt is in her third and final year of studying Animal...
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  • Federal Court Rules 2011 Live Export Ban was Invalid.

    The June 2011 Labor Government’s ban on live exports to Indonesia has been ruled invalid in a...
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  • An Opportunity to Bridge the City-Rural Divide

    February 2020 Livestock Leader Grayson Webster has had her thoughts on the city – rural...
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  • Newsletter 1 – May 2020

    Our first quarterly Newsletter for 2020 has now been published! You can view it here. To subscribe...
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  • A-Grade Animal Welfare on Maiden Voyage

    Kuwait Livestock Transport & Trading (KLTT) recently acquired a new vessel into their fleet,...
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  • The Livestock Collective Appoints Project Coordinator

    Working in the agricultural industries advocation and education space was not something Grayson...
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  • Stockie Enjoys Niche Animal Welfare Role

    One of our February Livestock Leader course attendee’s  Pat Coole was recently interviewed...
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