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We provide a united voice for the livestock supply chain. We care about Australia’s livestock sector from farms through to communities around the world.

The Sheep Collective


The Sheep Collective was developed to provide some clarity about the live sheep trade on behalf of farmers, livestock agents, shearers, feed suppliers, livestock transporter, stockpeople, veterinarians, exporters, importers and everyone in between. We hope this helps provide you with some valuable information and why the health and welfare of our sheep is so important to us

The Cattle Collective


The Cattle Collective provides first hand information from real people working around Australia and around the world in the live cattle export industry, to provide a balanced view to the wider community. We share the stories from farmers, station workers, livestock agents, livestock transport operators, stockpeople, veterinarians, exporters, importers and everyone in between. We care about the Australian cattle sector from the farm through to the community

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    Outback fashion label Antola Trading has teamed up with The Livestock Collective (TLC),...
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  • Challenges and Opportunities in the Australia-Indonesia Cattle Trade: John Cunnington

    For Indonesia, Australia has become a reliable source of large volumes of disease-free livestock...
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    From trimming a ram’s horns to enjoying a cold beer after a busy day of mustering cattle —...
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  • Got Merch?

    The Livestock Collective Merchandise is here!   All items are available for pre-order (to be...
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  • The Livestock Collective lands in Rockhampton

    Inspiring young leaders of the industry everywhere! THE Livestock Collective’s Leaders...
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  • The Livestock Collective continues to bridge the gap

    THE Livestock Collective’s Livestock Leaders workshop is making its mark on the future of the...
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  • Emily Stretch – Livestock Leader Alumni talks mulesing

    Emily Stretch who participated in WA’s Livestock Leaders workshop last year recently had the...
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  • Will you be at LIVEXchange in Darwin this year?

    LIVEXchange 2021, the livestock export industry’s national conference will be held in Darwin...
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  • How does live export fit into the modern world?

    Australia is known for its clean, safe protein and high quality livestock around the globe. Global...
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  • NSW advocates get inducted into the Livestock Leaders program

    Flexible online delivery With COVID-19 restrictions in place, the NSW workshop was 100 per cent...
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