Steven Bolt, Director The Livestock Collective

Advocacy is key to future livestock leaders

Each person has their own unique story to tell and The Livestock Collective is providing the right tools for future leaders of the livestock industry to do just that by bringing its next leadership workshop to Adelaide on the 21 and 22 October, 2020.

A joint initiative of Meat & Livestock Australia and The Livestock Collective, the objective of this workshop is to promote a collaborative, united livestock sector by providing opportunities for industry stakeholders to represent themselves through positive and effective community engagement.

Director Steven Bolt of The Livestock Collective is a past graduate of the pilot leadership course held in Perth in February earlier this year and is a passionate advocate of livestock production in Australia.

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Steven Bolt, Director The Livestock Collective

“Animal welfare is a subject that frequents the media, but we weren’t telling our side of the story as effectively as we could be so The Livestock Collective has taken the initiative to provide workshops for people who are interested to learn more about improving and maintaining community trust,” said Mr Bolt.

“Livestock Leaders is a workshop we’ve designed to build the capacity of current supply chain champions already involved in livestock production to embrace the leadership and influential qualities within themselves and become advocates for the Australian red meat industry.

“Two workshops have already been held in Western Australia but with Covid restrictions still in place, a virtual alternative was needed to include participants from other states. The workshop format has therefore been adapted to a partially online model, trialled successfully at our most recent workshop”.

The Adelaide workshop is open to all residents of South Australia who are part of the agricultural industry, featuring Deanna Lush from Agcommunicators, Heidi Wright from Wright Social and Lush The Content Agency.

Expressions of Interests are currently open via our website and participants will be selected based on their answers.

If you are from another state and are interested in participating in a workshop please submit an expression of interest also as there will be other workshops in NSW, VIC and QLD in the future.

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Left to right, John Cunnington, Grayson Webster, Alexandra Snape, Kari-Melise Moffat, Will Evans, Camille Camp & Patrick Coole

The Livestock Collective provides first hand information from real people working around Australia and around the world in the live export industry, to provide a balanced view to the wider community. We are a collection of farmers, truck drivers, stock people, vets, and industry representatives. We care about the Australian livestock sector from the farm through to the community.


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