become the next livestock leader

Become the next Livestock Leader

The Livestock Collective are excited to be hosting our fourth Livestock Leaders workshop for the year.  The next one will be held in NSW on the 23rd & 24th November 2020. Livestock Leaders is a professional development workshop aimed at building capacity of current supply chain champions involved in the red meat industry. 

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Top left to right, Alysia Kepert, Sophie Wooldridge, Mandy Matthews, Gina Lowrie, Bronwen Fowler, Renee Willis, Blythe Canlan, Bottom left to right, Claire Payne, Hayley Goad, Chantelle Kerwin, Jessica Wallace, Emily Stretch, Amy Bowden


The red meat industry and livestock export from farm to plate is a huge part of the Australian economy. We want to educate the Australian public about these agricultural practices especially those involving livestock. The main objective is to increase the level of trust the public has with the industry and ensure we are transparent throughout each aspect of the supply chain. We want to empower the next generation of Livestock Leaders by developing their skills to assist them with telling their own authentic stories. This will help balance the information put out there in the media by offering real facts and real stories.

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Left to right, Holly Ludeman & Alexandra Snape


Our workshops feature segments from a variety of industry professionals in both the media and agriculture sectors. Agcommunicators teach participants about shared values and how to communicate this to the right audience, Wright Social runs through the different social media platforms and how to effectively utilise each one. Lush The Content Agency dives into understanding the media landscape and how to share your stories. Participants are also taught how to create great content using their phones and given the opportunity to practice their interviewing skills. 


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Learn  how to create content


We now have a dedicated website to this program which we hope to continually develop as the industry grows and changes.



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