Cattle Mustering

What is a ‘muster’?

A ‘muster’ is the process of gathering livestock. Cattle Mustering on stations is the process of finding and gathering cattle together, often from paddocks that are millions of acres. For those who are not from the agriculture industry, this can be hard to imagine. The group of animals gathered together is called a ‘mob’. 

What is the purpose of a ‘muster’?

Mustering can be for a general check up, livestock treatment, or moving locations. Cattle are mustered using a range of different methods including helicopters, horses, motorbikes, and buggies that can handle the tough terrain. The cattle are then carefully walked to the main stockyards for sorting. 

What about animal welfare?

Efficiency is key to achieving good welfare outcomes. The team at Kalyeeda Station explains animal welfare is always at the forefront of everyone’s minds when handling livestock. This is to ensure the best outcome for both the cattle and the people handling them.

Check out this video from Kalyeeda Station in the Kimberley to get a better idea

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