Emily Stretch – Livestock Leader Alumni talks mulesing

Emily Stretch who participated in WA’s Livestock Leaders workshop last year recently had the chance to speak to the Countryman about her family’s mixed cropping and Meruni enterprise in Wandoora Kojonup.


The family works hard to produce a “sustainable” non-mulesed woolclip by paying close attention to their genetic selection and marketing options and ceased mulesing in 2007.

Emily returned to the farm full-time in 2014 after working at properties from the South Coast to the Pilbara and was interested in learning more about sustainable methods that would also boost profit.


She said her parents stopped mulesing in 2007 because the market had three years earlier started to signal that it was “not an acceptable practice”.


“This sentiment was echoed in our enterprise as mulesing was never a job to look forward to,” she said.


As research was completed they began trialling alternatives, leading to the non-mulesed flock they have today.


Link to the full article here.

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