How has COVID19 affected livestock exports?

The export of livestock continues under the COVID19 pandemic. Animal health and welfare continues to be paramount within all aspects of our supply chain.


Tight interstate border controls are now in place and the movement of livestock is being managed with livestock carriers being deemed as essential services.


Our Government has taken the steps to pause Independent Observers accompanying livestock vessels into market during this time as a part of the national and international response to managing travel through the pandemic. Accredited Stock people and Veterinarians are still accompanying voyages and currently returning on the vessel and self-isolating upon their return to Australia. There have been a number of on-board vessel protocol’s tightened for all shipboard personnel, including our stock people, to ensure the optimum safety and wellbeing to those individuals carrying out their day to day responsibilities during this time.


As we near our shearing season, shearers and wool handlers have also been classified as essential services and due diligence is being taken with the implementation of social distancing in many shearing sheds. Extra hygiene-related practices within these working environments have also been heightened to ensure the health and wellbeing of all workers.


Additional precautions and contingencies are being put in place in each part of the supply chain to continue this important delivery of food to importing countries. Now, more than ever livestock export is needed while there has been a reduction in commercial travel which largely affects the availability of chilled beef supply to many regions.


It is our priority to maintain our food security objectives to all our international trading partners, whilst upholding our world-leading animal welfare practices and ensuring the wellbeing of our people that will be working through this rapidly changing environment.


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