What does the vet do during the voyage?

The vet’s role during the voyage is to follow specific instructions provided to them by the exporter, this is called an AEP. This AEP outlines the veterinarian’s responsibilities which comply with the Australian Standards of Export of Sheep (ASEL.30) and the specific exporters Approved Arrangements. The Veterinarian and their compliance with the AEP are audited by Federal Government Independent Observers during a voyage.

For more information on the regulatory framework and requirements please see the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

“As an AAV my daily routine involves a walk around the decks, monitoring environmental conditions, and the health and welfare of the sheep. I will talk with the stock people on each deck to understand if they have any concerns. The stock people get to know their animals and are quick to highlight any concerns for us to work through” Dr. Peta Lewis

The Veterinarian will be present at the daily meeting each day to give an update on any health and welfare issues and work with the Captain, Chief Officer, and Australian Stockperson. The AAV collates information from each daily meeting and the deck inspections into a daily report provided to the federal government.