Fashion label advocates for livestock industry

Outback fashion label Antola Trading has teamed up with The Livestock Collective (TLC), not-for-profit organisation focused on growing the public understanding of agriculture and providing a united voice for the livestock supply chain, by honouring TLC’s Managing Director Dr Holly Ludeman in its latest collection.

Owned and designed in Outback Australia, Antola Trading names each of its work shirts after someone handpicked by the team, who they believe is having a diverse impact on regional and rural Australia.

Founder of Antola Trading Alicia McClymont said they are “thrilled to have connected with Holly. It made perfect sense for us to partner with The Livestock Collective and to name a shirt after her. Holly is a great example of women making a difference in Australian agriculture.”

The Livestock Collective aims for “every person to have a connection and shared understanding of agriculture” while it promotes “a collaborative, united livestock sector that provides visibility, communication, and engagement to the wider community.”

Through its mission, it hopes to ensure an increased understanding of and connection to the livestock industry and agriculture more broadly, which veterinarian and the public face of the live export industry Dr Holly Ludeman says is easier with the help of like-minded brands such as Antola Trading.

“There’s a lot of care and effort that goes onto taking care of livestock throughout the supply chain, and I think it is important that people understand and see this first-hand. It can be dirty, dusty and smelly, but it’s not cruel. It’s a very different story on board than what has been portrayed in the media,” said Holly.

“The fact that Antola Trading wants to help spread the awareness of what is really happening in the live export industry, to help provide a balanced view to the wider community, is nothing short of wonderful and we are so grateful,” Holly continued.

The collaboration is aimed at raising awareness of the not-for-profit by selling The Livestock Collective branded shirts online. “This collaboration will raise awareness of our brand and what we want to achieve,” Dr Ludeman said.

Alicia hopes Australia really gets behind this collaboration and supports The Livestock Collective by purchasing a TLC branded Holly shirt.

Antola Trading’s “Holly” shirts are available for a limited time (October 24 – November 4, 2021) only

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Photo Captions:
1. Antola Trading Shirt Ambassador Dr Holly Ludeman in her “Holly” Shirt


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