Federal Court Rules 2011 Live Export Ban was Invalid

The June 2011 Labor Government’s ban on live exports to Indonesia has been ruled invalid in a decision handed down by Justice Stephen Rares this morning.

The decision represents a hard-won victory for the 300 or so plaintiffs who have pursued a class action filed in 2014 seeking up to $600m in compensation against the Federal Government for then agriculture minister Joe Ludwig’s 2011 suspension of the live trade to Indonesia.

“He made the ban order shutting his eyes to the risk it might be invalid and to the damage, it was calculated to cause,” he said.

“I am comfortably satisfied based on the whole of the evidence the minister acted recklessly indifferent.” He said the minister committed misfeasance of public office when he made the ban order on 7 June 2011.


The full article can be found here. 

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