Livestock Leaders national tour continues

The Livestock Collective are proving more than capable of adapting to a COVID-19 world as the fourth instalment of the national leadership series Livestock Leaders has been postponed.


The workshop due to be held in Wagga Wagga, NSW last month was put on hold when new COVID-19 clusters emerged, preventing interstate travel. Keeping focused on the year ahead, the eager NSW participants are excited to attend the workshop which has been rescheduled for January 18th and 19th 2021.


In partnership with Meat & Livestock Australia, the objective of the workshops is to promote a collaborative, united livestock sector by providing opportunities for industry stakeholders to represent themselves through positive and effective community engagement. Participants learn skills in communication, social media, content creation and media engagement. 


Amelia Nolan, The Livestock Collective Events Coordinator facilitates the workshops via Zoom from Perth, WA and is one of the reasons the hybrid online and face to face sessions have been so successful.


“It is empowering to have such a vast amount of interest across Australia and it really drives us to want to deliver the workshops as best we can. The current climate makes things challenging but we continue to persist as we move our way around Australia.


“Remaining flexible is the key to delivering the Livestock Leaders workshops. This means having as much face to face interaction as possible whilst utilising zoom technology and monitoring ever-changing border restrictions.”

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Photo left to right, Workshop 3 Adelaide participants and Amelia Nolan Zoom capture


The Livestock Collective is currently looking for expressions of interest from residents in Northern Territory and Queensland. The dedicated website is the best place to go for updates. The participant costs associated with upcoming courses are supported by Meat & Livestock Australia. To be part of the courses, those interested should fill out the EOI on the website. EOIs will go through an application and selection process by The Livestock Collective and Meat & Livestock Australia.


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