Sheep Supply Chain – Exporting

Watch Dr Peta Lewis, Australian Government Accredited Veterinarian talk through how she looks after the sheep in her care on each voyage.

The export industry is highly regulated and sets a global benchmark in the preparation and transportation of sheep. The vets and qualified shipboard stockpersons accompany the animals on the journey. During the voyage the animals are constantly monitored for health and welfare and detailed records are kept and provided to the Australian government.


The vessels are licenced by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) and are certified to carry sheep.


A voyage is only successful if healthy sheep are delivered, good welfare is at the core of The Sheep Collective because it is the right thing to do and also good business. It is with a sense of pride and great care that responsibility is accepted for the health of the animals to ensure they are treated with a high level of dignity from their point of collection at the farm until their final processing.


Further, we are proud that our presence in export destinations, as we continue to monitor our stock, is contributing to wider social and ethical change, including improved treatment and conditions for local animals, improved training for workers and improved meat quality. The Sheep Collective is selling animal welfare to the world.