Sheep Supply Chain – Importing

Watch Nick Crichton Supply Chain Consultant explain the process of when the sheep arrive in overseas locations.

Importing countries have confidence in the health and quality of Australian animals as well as the regulation and certification of the industry and consistent supply of quality sheep for meat. For countries where climate and geographical conditions limit the ability to sustain their own breeding flocks, importing sheep is a vital part of their protein consumption and food security.


All markets are shaped by their local culture. Some countries importing Australian sheep process their animals in a particular way according to their religious beliefs. Additionally, the importers are able to use the entire animal for different products locally.


We retain responsibility for our animals all the way through the export process until the point of slaughter – a responsibility we take very seriously. Our animals are important to us and their health and welfare is our priority. We acknowledge there have been times when we could have done better, and we are constantly striving to do and make continual incremental improvements in every area of the supply chain – that is our promise to you.

Watch Osama Boodai, CEO KLTT explains the importance of Australian sheep to the region.