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“Sometimes the hardest story to tell is your own.”

– Jenifer Megan Varnadore


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What will my donation go towards?


The Livestock Collective is focused on producing transparent and educational content across all traditional and digital media platforms. We engage with professionals to create high quality content that can be confidently shared by anyone with a smartphone or access to the internet.


Your donation will go towards creating a wider range of educational campaigns about livestock production in Australia.


Our goal is to create educational material that can be used in classrooms all over Australia and around the world.


Your donation will help us create curriculum approved content for schools all over Australia .


Our challenge, along with everyone else in the world, has been COVID-19. As many events were cancelled across 2020 we have had to work on other ways to get our message across.


Your donation will go towards attending important events throughout 2021 to continue engaging with the public and raising awareness.


We offer professional development courses and our Livestock Leaders workshops are rapidly becoming one of the most well-known and sought after programs in the livestock industry.


Your donation can help us expand our reach to cover all aspects of agriculture.


Our ‘Livestock Leaders’, or ‘Agvocates’ as we like to call them, are media trained and proudly representing their industries in the public eye.


Your donation will go towards better mental health support for our current and future leaders (remembering YOU could be one of them)

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The Livestock Collective is a not for profit organisation. Donations are not deductible for income tax purposes.